Altus Positioning Systems is designed to meet the needs of the Surveyor without compromise. Altus is about simplicity, supplying what’s needed, what’s essential in today’s survey workplace and allows for the needs of tomorrow. They understand what’s required in the market place and they deliver.

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Septentrio products cover a wide range of professional, industrial and scientific applications in precise GNSS signal tracking, positioning and navigation. Advanced hardware and sophisticated algorithms provide world-class performance, while well engineered and standardized interface formats complemented by an extensive command language make for wide applicability and easy integration.

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DigPilot Excavator Guidance System

DigPilot provides all the information you need for accurate and efficient digging. Monitor your bucket teeth position with cm accuracy. The system helps you dig precise grades, trenches and profile and it is so easy to install, you can do it yourself.

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Klein Marine Systems

Klein Marine Systems has 49 years of experience with the development and manufacture of high-performance side scan sonar systems. Our side scan sonar systems are respected as the standard of excellence in the industry and are deployed by governments, navies, port authorities, surveyors, oil companies and universities worldwide.

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HSL – Higgs Survey Launch

Higgs Hydrographic Tek is proud to announce the Higgs Survey Launch  H*S*L.  A stable, practical, tough, seaworthy boat that’s perfect for both single beam and multibeam surveys.

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Drone Software

Try it now & get introduced to new possibilities!
Perfect for simple tasks, learning UAV mission management or to fly your drones just for fun. Supports multiple drones from different manufacturers. Limited range of operations and support.

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