HIGGS HYDROGRAPHIC TEK has been involved in the products and services it provides for successful hydrographic navigational projects for over 20 year.  Owner, Michael Higgs has an extensive background and reputation in the field of hydrography that has landed him jobs in over 75 countries in both the public and private sector.

HIGGS HYDROGRAPHIC TEK works directly with the manufacturers and knows the equipment, software and hardware inside and out.  HHT will provide the necessary information on every piece of equipment you need from selecting the proper system  to the technical support your company needs to get the job done efficiently, accurately and professionally.

HIGGS HYDROGRAPHIC TEK is one of the preferred companies in the business to install GPS, multibeam sonars and dredging systems with the accompanying software and hardware. From excavators to barges to the newest high tech survey vessels, HIGGS HYDROGRAPHIC TEK will assist your company from the pre-planning stages to the successful completion of the project.

For more information, call or email Michael Higgs at HIGGS HYDROGRAPHIC TEK.  Let HHT  offer you a professional way to handle all of your hydrographic needs.

septentrio_iconSeptentrio Satellite Navigation
Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV, designs, manufactures, markets and supports high-end dual-frequency GNSS receivers with the best possible performance at a very competitive price. Targeted at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Septentrio’s core technology is being applied in precise positioning, timing and attitude determination applications.

USM_icon2_195Universal Sonar Mount
The Universal Sonar Mount (USM) is designed for easy setup, fast operation, and to standardize sonar mounts between vessels. The USM is designed by sonar technicians for sonar technicians.

Aquatrak gauges have earned a worldwide reputation as the most accurate and reliable instruments for long-term measurements of tides , waves and sea states.

SevenCs is a leading provider of software for maritime navigation and chart display, and other chart display and navigation applications. Core product is the EC2007 ECDIS Kernel, used by OEMs worldwide to display digital charts and to provide navigational functions. Furthermore the company offers software tools for the production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). Users are Hydrographic Organgisations, Waterway Authorities, international Ports and other producers of digital charts for navigation.

Altuspositioningsystems_195Altus Positioning System
Altus Positioning Systems designed to meet the needs of the Surveyor without compromise. Altus is about simplicity, supplying what’s needed, what’s essential in today’s survey workplace and allows for the needs of tomorrow. They understand what’s required in the market place and they deliver.

CT-Systems_195CTS Viking CT Systems
CTS Viking CT Systems is an innovative company with more than 30 years of experience, and is highly experienced in every professional maritime sector. CTS supply, install and support all related hardware products. The product range consists of PC installations, hydrographic survey equipment and dredging sensors.

DigPilot provides all the information you need for accurate and efficient digging. Monitor your bucket teeth position with cm accuracy. The system helps you dig precise grades, trenches and profile and it is so easy to install, you can do it yourself.

Intuicom-Wireless-Solutions_195Intuicom RTK Bridge™
Intuicom RTK Bridge™ family has proven its worth with Precision Agriculture, Machine Control, and Surveyors. Designed to survive the most challenging working environments, each RTK Bridge™ model automatically connects to RTK corrections, regardless of existing equipment’s network support.

Unabara Hydrographic Survey equipment , Hydrographic Single beam Echo sounder with innovative features such as multiple frequency and beam angles. Complete sounder in an underwater package for less than 5k . HydroBar used for Bar checking and SVP Profiles also under 5k.

SGB_logo_195SBG Systems
SBG Systems is a fast growing supplier of miniature, high performance and innovative motion sensing solutions. They produce an IHO , hydrographic quality heave pitch and roll /IMU/MRU .SBG Systems offers a complete line of inertial sensors, for heave pitch and roll, (AHRS) or Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), based on the state of the art MEMS technology. This sensor technology, combined with advanced calibration techniques offers miniature and low-cost solutions while maintaining a very high performance meeting IHO heave pitch and roll sensor quality at every level. These heave pitch and roll sensors correct for motion on all types of vehicles. These , MRU ,IMU can be used with Multibeam sonar , single beam sonar’s on several kinds of platforms, the standard hydrographic multibeam boat or an AUV , ROV or USV. The hydrographic quality heave pitch and roll sensor will even work on a SUV or Jet Ski.