HSL – Higgs Survey Launch

If you’re in the market for a safe, versatile and easy to operate small survey vessel, look no further.

Higgs Hydrographic Tek is proud to announce the Higgs Survey Launch  H*S*L.  A stable, practical, tough, seaworthy boat that’s perfect for both single beam and multibeam surveys.

Hydrographic Survey Launch Extremely Versatile , can be launched from anywhere and collects reliable data. Many options and configurations available.

Hydrographic Survey Launch – Extremely Versatile, can be launched from anywhere and collects reliable data.

Hydrographic Survey Launch Extremely Versatile , can be launched from anywhere and collects reliable data. Many options and configurations available.

Many options and configurations available.

The ZEGO (Hydrographic Survey Launch) design offers incredible stability and sea keeping abilities, resulting in the most comfortable ride in its class.

The H*S*L handles exceptionally well even in surf or rough conditions. The Higgs Survey Launch boasts an exceptionally large carrying capacity at low speeds for easy and accurate surveying.

The H*S*L can carry a wide variety of payloads single beam sonar, bathymetric sonar,side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and multibeam sonar. Heading GNSS can be placed 2 meters apart with an INS motion sensor on the same mount. The H*S*L offers a large platform for easy installation of any survey systems. It’s the perfect one-man survey boat, offering you the most flexibility of any small watercraft for all of your Hydrographic survey projects.

Higgs Survey Launch H*S*L (ZEGO Boat ) Exclusive Dealer



Higgs Survey Launch H*S*L ( ZEGO) Specifications

Base Boat
Length 9.8 ft / 3 meters
Width  5.3 ft / 1.62 meters
Height 3.4 ft / 1.04 meters
Draft  14 inches /0.35 meters

Dry Weight Hull base boat 265 lbs / 120 kilograms

Hull Asymmetrical catamaran
Construction Polyethylene
Hull Thickness 0.314 inches /8mm
Fittings 316 grade stainless steel
Steering Morse cable
Trim Fully Adjustable
Throttle remote

Speed based on 30hp outboard  31 Mph /27 knots/50km

Fuel Tank under seat 8 gallons 31 letters

People 2 people 300 pounds / 136 kilograms
Total weight people motor and gear 850 pounds/385 kilograms.

1. Meets coast guard approval
2. National Marine Manufacturers Association Compliance
3. International Marine Certification Institute
4. Meets the “Safe Operational Plans “category of the Safe Ship Management  System .

The ZEGO 3 meter multipurpose craft has proven fit for purpose of beach surf
conditions for 1 person and fit for purpose in inland waterways , lakes and harbors for 2 persons.

An adaptable versatile survey platform for shallow water

Boat can be driven right up onto the beach or  launched from beach.

Optional wheels can be added to boat pontoons to aid in beach launch and recovery.

The Higgs Survey Launch H*S*L  ( ZEGO )  allows for many different systems to be installed on it due to the decking and the frame work that we provide.


 Critical for accurate heading 2 meter distance between GPS heading antennas
Motion sensor mount directly over sonar
Sonar pole mount located between the catamaran hulls making it easy to deploy and low noise
Pole mount is adaptable for several sonar systems single beam , side-scan , multibeam, sub-bottom

Higgs Hydrographic Tek has developed a sonar mount that can be used for Klein Hydrochart bathy system so 10 times water depth is achievable in shallow waters.  Mount can also be used for side scan transducers .


Power from 30hp motor recommended ( Yamaha 30HP)  outputs 17 amps .

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