HydroMagic Data Collection Software

hydromagicEye4Software Hydromagic is a professional hydrographic survey package, which can be used to map depth areas using an echosounder.
The software is very affordable and the learning curve is very short. You can start creating your first sounding within a single day !

Use the software to import, export, download, view and edit maps, display your position, calculate volumes and to record soundings.
The software will work with almost any GPS/RTK receiver and echosounder, and can be used on any desktop, laptop or netbook computer running MS Windows.

Some application examples:

  • Record depth data using a GPS/RTK and echosounder or fishfinder;
  • Show your current position and depth as overlay on a (hydrographic) map;
  • Determine tide levels in real time by using a RTK receiver;
  • Convert your soundings to a regularly spaced XYZ data (DTM);
  • Convert your raw or corrected soundings to different file formats;
  • Calculate volumes of basins, ponds or river sections;
  • Design and generate theoretical DTM’s (channel design);
  • Create depth contours and save them as vector files;
  • Add comments, photos, symbols or routes to your (hydrographic) maps;
  • Perform realtime positioning on research and hydrographic survey vessels;
  • Fishing industry, for instance to navigate inside the assigned fishing parcels;
  • Export XYZ files generated from your soundings for further processing.

Support for GPS or RTK receivers, echosounders, and other sensors