K9 Positioning and Heading Receiver



As hydrographic surveying technology is changing rapidly and accuracy demands is getting higher and higher, traditional GPS Positioning instruments and GPS heading instruments can’t satisfy the high-level accuracy demands any more. Therefore, Positioning and heading instrument with higher-level accuracy is in great demand now! As the pioneer of domestic RTK technology, Hi-Target is always providing most humanized and stable RTK products to users. Thanks to Hi-Target’s more than 3-decade endeavor in GNSS products, RTK users is experiencing another technology revolution with the launch of K9 RTK Positioning and Heading receiver. K9 RTK Positioning and Heading receiver is popular among our regular and new customers, due to its key features, such as high-level accuracy, stable performance, and wide-range application and so on. TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES
1. Split Design:
Mainframe and antenna split design, suitable for special requirement in different kinds of harsh environments marine application, it is not only convenient for instrument operation and information checking, but also keep the mainframe from being exposed to the weather and being corroded by seawater.
2. RTK positioning and orientating
Adopting International branded Trimble OEM motherboard, high positioning accuracy and stable satellite receiving signal. The horizontal accuracy is up to ±0.8cm+1ppm and vertical accuracy up to
K9 Positioning and Heading Receiver Accuracy Rugged Advanced
Within 10m baseline orientation accuracy is up to <0.05°, <0.09° within 2m baseline .
3. Rugged Metal Mainframe:
The mainframe is made of metal, rugged, shockproof, anti-drop, excellent heat dissipation
4. Low-Elevation-Angle Tracking
Adopting most advanced Low-Elevation-Angle tracking technology, stronger satellite signal tracking ability.
5. Multi Data Transmission Technology
Integrated with working modes of GPRS, CDMA, UHF built-in radio, and URS data transmission station, enable data transmission to be most convenient and efficient. Long distance RTK technology , break traditional RTK operating distant, higher economic benefits.
6. Seamlessly Operation in CORS System
CORS system technical design, mature network data transmission technology , seamless access to the city continuous reference station ( CORS ) , only one single K9 rover can realize RTK operation .
7. Convenient and Efficient Data Collection:
24 hours real-time data recording, file management of original observation data, adopting USB-flash-disk storage technology, data can be downloaded directly without any other software assistance.
Application: High accuracy hydrographic, heading survey, dredging, pipe laying, marine project construction positioning and heading