Pix 4D Mapper

Construction + Cadaster + Pix4Dmapper


Increase your productivity, cut down delivery-time to clients and use Pix4Dmapper for countless topographic applications. acquire your imagery with any camera – from compact cameras to large sensor formats – from the ground and from the air, using UAVs, ultralight and manned aircraft. Pix4Dmapper will convert your images into high-resolution, geo-referenced orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and point clouds and offers you the integrated editing tools needed to deliver visually perfect results to your customers in a matter of hours, from data acquisition to final result.Get ready for 4D construction site monitoring on a weekly or even daily basis! Create survey-grade orthomosaics, DSMs and dense 3D point clouds almost instantly using Pix4Dmapper’s automatic workflow. Repeat the process in fixed time intervals and analyze results over time to monitor contractors and construction advancements. Take advantage of all software features: set control points to achieve the highest accuracy and use the integrated tools to view, assess and interpret your models. Go one step further: measure points, lines, surfaces and volumes directly in the software and annotate vector objects to seamlessly import them into your existing CAD or GIS software package.


Precision + Agriculture + Pix4Dmapper


Precision agriculture calls for continuous land management at a competitive cost. Localizing and quantifying hotspot areas in fields, orchards and vineyards is now made possible with a variety of indices that can be automatically created in Pix4Dmapper. Acquire multi-spectral images either by UAV or manned aircraft, convert them to index maps such as NDVIs, DVIs, SAVI and many more. Turn your data into action by customizing index maps, creating application maps and exporting them seamlessly to your AG software or tractor display. This new technology generates up-to-date information and allows for continuous monitoring and well-structured decision making for any type of plant. Watch the video to learn more about the Index Calculator included in Pix4Dmapper Pro